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Laundry Handbook

Doing laundry was a common task during the nineteenth century, albeit a very unpopular one. Arduous though it may have been, doing laundry is a task that many reenactors and spectators can relate to and can appreciate the advances in cleaning technology. This handbook will guide the historic interpreter in the steps to setting up a laundry impression, demonstration, or display. Topics addressed include steps used in doing laundry, instructions for cleaning different fabrics, and specific guidance for civilian and military impressions. There is also an extensive glossary, a discussion of the most common questions that a laundress might be asked, and a lengthy bibliography if the reader wishes to do further research.

This manual is a departure from the format of our other books and booklets in that it uses full-size pages instead of the half-sheet pages. Therefore, even though we have show the book in the picture as looking the same size as the others, it is 11 inches tall rather than 8 1/2 inches like the other books. Consequently, there is a lot more information in its 39 pages than in a booklet with the same number of pages.

This handbook does not duplicate the booklet Laundry and Cleaning Practices. There is some overlap but both contain considerable unique material. We recommend the latter book for information about laundry and both that one and this handbook for someone who wants to fully understand the laundry and cleaning processes and do demonstrations.

Price: $10.00

This book may also be purchased wholesale for resale.

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