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School Supplies

For someone wanting to present a school impression, you would need some supplies for the students. We have a few simple supplies and will add more as we find them. The cedar pencils are also good to stuff in a soldier's haversack.

School Supplies

ItemShort DescriptionSizePrice
Cedar Pencils These pencils are almost exact replicas of lead pencils available during the nineteenth century. Like the originals, they are unpainted round wood and do not have erasers on the end. $ 0.50
SlatesFor children in school learning their arithmetic or how to form letters, a slate was much more economical than paper. These slates are made of natural slate with a wood frame. Available in two sizes: the small which is about 7 1/2 x 5 5/8 inches; and the large which is about 9 1/2 x 7 3/8 inches.


$ 4.50

$ 6.75

Slate PencilsChalk makes too thick a line when used on a slate. A slate pencil makes a much finer line that is easily wiped off with a dry rag.
$ 0.65


We also carry reproduction textbooks which could be used as a source of information about the way lessons were taught in the 19th century, as props in a schoolroom impression, and, for parents wishing to supplement school texts and for home schoolers, as textbooks. We carry the American Spelling Book -- also known as the "Blueback" Speller, The Child's First Book of Arithmetic, McGuffey's Readers and Speller, Ray's Arithmetic Series, and Spencerian Copy Books. They can be found in the category for Books, 19th Century Reproductions