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This booklet, like the previous one in the modern books list, addresses the topic of laundry and cleaning. While there is some overlap, each contains considerable material that is not in the other. We recommend this booklet for someone wanting information about laundry and cleaning processes. Someone wanting to fully understand laundry and cleaning and do a demonstration or display should get both publications.

This booklet contains a discussion of the step-by-step process used in ordinary home laundry. Following the description of ordinary laundry is a brief description of some special cleaning methods, including dry cleaning (do not try this at home!), receipts (recipes) for an assortment of laundry and fabric cleaning supplies, and an extensive bibliography.

After reading this booklet, the reader may be left wondering why it took so long to develop effective washing machines. Maybe the answer lies in that laundry was "women's work." If men had been commonly engaged in doing it, would they have been more eager to develop labor saving devices? By comparison, look at the advances in farm equipment during the same time period. An interesting idea to consider, although there will never be a satisfactory answer since it is impossible to know what thoughts are in person's minds.

Price: $4.00

This book may also be purchased wholesale for resale.

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