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Period Candies

PLEASE NOTE: We are closing out the candies so the prices have been reduced for clearance. We are almost out of some forms so, if you would like to take advantage of these lower prices, order early.

And now for the sweet tooth, we have period style candy. The selection we carry is limited to chocolate, Necco wafers, and peppermint sticks.

First, about the chocolate! We have a variety of chocolate reflecting some of the varieties they had during the mid-nineteenth century. For milk chocolate lovers, sorry but you are out of luck. That chocolate hadn't been developed yet. But we think the chocolate we do have will satisfy every taste. The percentage of cacao goes as high as 95% but, because of the high quality of the beans used, it isn't bitter. For a full description you need to go to the Chocolate page.

We also have Necco wafers -- that probably need no description -- and Soft Peppermint Sticks. This latter item is very much like the peppermint they would have enjoyed during the mid-nineteenth century. So go to those pages for more information.