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Mid-Nineteenth Century Parlor Games

When it was written, this was the only book available that relied on sources dated from during or before the civil war period. There were other books on "Victorian Parlor Games" but they often contained games from the post-war period without any distinction regarding which games came from what time. To my knowledge, this is still the only book focusing on games that would have been played during the civil war.

Like the children's games, the original instructions have been interpreted and modern instructions prepared. Also like the children's games, the games usually involve little or very simple equipment. The most striking demonstration of this fact is the equipment I have brought to lead parlor games at a recent conference. For 100 people to play parlor games for three hours, I was able to bring all the supplies I needed in a shoe box. This assumed, of course, that there would be chairs for the players to sit already present. And did it work? Let me say that I don't think I've heard 100 sober people laugh so much!

The booklet contains a variety of games. It includes action games, games played seated which require limited action, games that require no real thought at all, and games that require mental concentration and agility. After playing one game, a participant exclaimed, "those people really had to think for some of these." Anyone playing several of the games would be advised to mix active and passive games so that the players need not become exhausted or tired of the same kind of game. One shameless plug here. One of the games described in the booklet is the game "Question and Answer." They provide some samples and invite the players to write some of their own questions and answers. If you would like to purchase a set of 100 each of questions and answers to have ready made to play, go to Question and Answer in the parlor games sections.

Although this is the only modern book of this type, I should also mention the recent reprinting of what is the most comprehensive book for party entertainment I have found. That book is The Sociable, which was published in 1858. You could have parties for a month and still not get through all the material.

Price: $4.50

This book may also be purchased wholesale for resale.

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