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News: We now have Chocolate and Peppermint on the Website

Welcome to the website for Ragged Soldier Sutlery and Vintage Volumes. At this site you will have the opportunity to view many of the toys, games, and other items offered by Ragged Soldier Sutlery as well as review the books offered by Vintage Volumes.

We started our business focused on civil war toys but, since the civil war occurred during the early Victorian period, they could also serve if you were seeking Victorian toys. Because they were in use 140 years ago, you could also use the label of "old fashioned toys" for many of our products. I guess you could really say that all of our toys are old fashioned since no batteries are required!

Although many parts of this site are pretty well settled but we will still be changing some of the pages, especially Articles: Virginia's Veranda where Virginia is posting articles she has written which have not appeared elsewhere in a magazine or appeared so long ago we are making them available to readers who may not have been subscribers when the articles first appeared. So be sure to bookmark the site and revisit us in the future.

A new feature which appears on this page and many of the other pages is a search feature. We are working to get it on all the pages but right now it has to be manually loaded which takes time. If you need to do a search, the feature is always available on the home page so just hit the menu item to return to this page

New Knitting Books

(click on image to link to that item)

Five reproductions (two new) of period needlework books! If you want a complete listing of all the projects in each one, click the link for the respective book and the page for that book will have a complete list.

We are also adding a new reference book by Donna Abraham, The Way They Were, containing full size reproductions of almost 600 civil war era CDV's.

Great gifts for Christmas or anytime!

The Knitter's Companion The Knitter's Companion: Second Series A Winter Gift for Ladies Handbook of Knitting and Netting The New Knitter

Other Featured New Items

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Village I Village II Playing Cards Cribbage (folding board)
Playing Cards of Generals Solitaire Rigid Heddle Loom, Small Rigid Heddle Loom, Large

We also have added a few new books since last year. We don't have pictures of all the books here but the following is the list of new books:
Blank Notebook
Etiquette and the Usages of Society
From Dixie to Canada
Hand Book of Knitting and Netting
The New Knitter or Lady's Work Table
Rachel Weeping: Mourning in Nineteenth Century America
Tunisian Crochet a la Mode
The Workman's Guide to Tailoring Stitches"

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